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Dr. F., Chicago, IL

This is the best Review course for CS! Dr. Stavros will guide you from beginning to end and is always available 24/7 for any help! If you listen to all his recommendations and teaching you will destroy the exam!

Dr. Z., Chicago, IL

I took the Art of USMLE five day course, after I failed in a mock exam from another review course. It helped me a lot with my patient notes. Dr. Stavros is an amazing teacher with good experience. He treated the group as a friend. Thank you doc for your help!!

Dr. B., Texas

Hi All, I took the CS Preparation Course with Art of USMLE and I was blown away - the course is full of useful advice, tips and tricks and lots of smart ideas. Do not waste your time and energy on the First Aid book, videos and so on. Take the course and youíll see, itís worth every penny. The instructions are easy to follow and the result has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!

Dr. N., New York

I took my time to research various Step 2 CS tutoring courses, including Kaplan, NY CS prep as well as several other lesser known companies. There are several reasons I chose Art of the USMLE over the others, but the main reason is that I got to speak to Dr. Stavros personally and not some employee who's job is essential to pressure me into purchasing their course. Dr. Stavros was personable, capable of answering all of my questions and at no point did I feel any pressure to hand over my credit card information. Furthermore, unlike the other programs, this one keeps the class size to under 5 students per weekly session, whereas others had up to as many as 30 students over the span of only 3 days, one of which was a mock exam day, so essentially making them only a 2-day course. It must be understood, this is a true prep course in the sense that not only does Dr. Stavros teach you what you need to know, but he also makes sure you are capable of putting it into practice, which is arguably more valuable than a mock exam. The other courses give you all the information you need, but it is up to you to put it into practice without anyone to correct your mistakes, meaning that you require at least several weeks of practice before you would be ready to take the exam. After 5 days, I was more than prepared for the patient encounter portion of the exam. Dr. Stavros's methods for the note writing part of the exam are extremely effective. I was consistently completing substantial notes in under 8 minutes. After a week of practicing with Art of the USMLE I was confidently prepared and passed my CS exam with no problems at all.

Dr. R, Florida

Receiving my PASS CS report was amazing! Thank you, Dr. Stavros!!! You definitely know how to prepare a student to pass this exam. After attending another review course and still not fully understanding how to overcome CS I finally found my way at Art of USMLE and understood what exact performance CS examiners want to see on the exam day. Dr. Stavros with all his expertise aligned with theory, technique, and lots of practicing hands on extracting the best of me, strengthening my weakness, filling up the gaps and building up my confidence. I had zero issues on the exam day because I knew what to expect since I was well prepared. The preparation made me feel calm, confident and always believe that I knew what I was supposed to do in any situation throughout the exam. Once again, Dr. Stavros and Art of USMLE thank you so much!!!

Dr. T., Bangkok, Thailand

Good news for you this morning. I passed Step 2 CS!!!! Thank you so much for helping me prepare for the test. And I also passed the SEP, ICE with higher performance, for CIS is upper borderline to high performance!!! OMG I'm so happy.

Dr. B., San Jose, CA

Hi, Dr. Stavros! I am so pleased to let you know that I just received my PASS result for Step 2 CS. I also wanted to let you know that my CIS portion (which I previously failed) was all the way to the right! I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and thanks to you for not only teaching me the skills I needed to pass this exam but for teaching me a new way approaching people and patients in general. Training with you did not stop short of passing a board exam. In fact, I truly believe the lessons I learn will take me very far in life.

Dr. H., Ohio

Hi Dr. Stavros! I attended the ICE training in February. Received my score back today and I destroyed the CS exam, 100% thanks to your help. You have my gratitude until the end of time!

Dr. N., Michigan

Dr. Stavros is one of the most empathetic teachers I have ever met, apart from a very well structured five day course his positivity is what gave me the confidence to ace the CS exam. The fact that he teaches a maximum of 3 people per class is what really sets his course apart from the the bigger institutions, he catered to every question and followed up every single time I had a doubt. What impressed me the most was the fact that he was so up to date, and prepared for any sort of curveball that the exam could have thrown at you. Iím happy to say that I just found out that I passed today, I highly recommend Dr. Stavros's course for everyone, especially if you need a boost of confidence for CS!

Dr. S., Toronto

I'm overjoyed, of course, to share I passed my CS exam! My backstory: I'm a 3rd-year Caribbean med student who met with Dr Stavros about a week prior to my CS exam. It was a hectic time and I was a bit skeptical initially, but I was determined to take my exam as scheduled. Based on my initial eval and circumstances, Dr Stavros recommended 2 days of coaching and fine-tuning. In short, my training was intense and incredible - it was a true partnership from the beginning. We left nothing to chance and we were able to uncover and tackle areas of weakness which ultimately augmented my performance on test day. In a humble way, Dr. Stavros will instill confidence and belief in yourself. Put your trust and faith in his system of preparation and you will surely reap the rewards multi-fold!! I am grateful for this experience and I would happily recommend it to others in need of structured support and guidance.

Dr. Patel, Illinois

Choosing Art of USMLE for my step 2 CS exam prep was the best decision I made. Dr. Stavros is, hands down, one of the most knowledgeable person I have met. Before I started preparing for this exam I had many doubts and concerns but Dr. Stavros assured me that once I did the course I will be more than ready to ace this exam. Dr. Stavros is dedicated to his work and it shows in the way he prepares you for the exam. He was available at ANY time and went above and beyond to help me out. On the first day Dr. Stavros was able to pin point our weakness and then worked with us individually to overcome them. In a way it felt like it was a one on one coaching session. By the end of the week I was confident that I would pass this exam. His dedication to each student and his hard work is truly very admirable. On exam day I felt confident and did everything the way I was taught. Needless to say, I PASSED the exam and I dedicate this to Dr. Stavros because it is his hard work, more than mine, that got me to pass.

Dr. C., Illinois

Hi, I took a 5 day CS course with Dr. Stavros . He is an amazing tutor. He told me the tricks, the strategies to take the exam. He taught me how patients would play tricks to waste our precious time while we are taking history. He made me practice all the possible cases that I could get on the exam. Not only this, he also improved my typing notes and made me practice them everyday. He made the entire process so much easier for me and other students that I took the test within like 14 days and I passed the test with high performance in first attempt. I highly recommend Dr. Stavros for these classes. He is just awesome. Good luck!!

Dr. V., Massachusetts

So, why get prepared to USMLE 2CS with Dr. Stavros? Let me explain. I have passed my 2 CS from the first attempt and with high performance in all subcategories. Even if I'm not a "fresh" graduate, and I'm not an American graduate. But I have been successful. Honestly speaking, many of foreign medical graduates have very good clinical experience, but definitely it is impossible to pass CS after simply reading books like FA or so and having training with your family members or friends. If you don't have clinical rotations in the US hospitals, you need some real coach. You need to gather the very weighty American ethical issues in medicine. You need to know what to say, how to say, and when to stop in timely pressed circumstances. You need some secret information, secret code. Dr. Stavros provides you with it. Dr. Stavros exactly teaches how to talk with the patient, what to be done in an exam room, when to stop the assessment just not to waste time but doing pretty enough of study and how to write perfect patients notes. He is so opened, kind, patient. So, if you wish to pass your 2CS with ease and confidence just do preparation with Stavros. And, it is a huge fan with him and absolutely no tension. Thank you, Dr. Stavros and good luck in your really blessed mission!

Dr. P., Florida

I should have signed up for this course after my first fail on the Step 2 CS, but it wasn't until after the 2nd attempt that I decided to sign up. I kept failing in the CIS component, not knowing what I was missing apart from the routine knock, shake hands, say your name. It's not like I was a social incompetent; I just did not know what the test was looking for. Dr. Stavros knew all this going in and the course made me see the CIS component in a different way. I had my way of doing things and he would suggest little tweaks that made sense. After implementing them into my routine, I felt more comfortable with being able to handle the CIS component. Dr. Stavros recognized the few things that I needed to do to improve in this section of the test. He is able to strengthen each individual's weaknesses and the small group also helps one another and this provides a great learning environment. Dr. Stavros is dedicated to helping all his students achieve success. He gives all of his time to ensure student's will pass this test and will always make himself available for questions and calls and helps to calm your nerves the day before the exam and after as well. He is great at his job! I would definitely recommend this course to everyone! It has enabled me to get over a stubborn hurdle.

Dr. O., Texas

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for all the help you patiently and willingly gave to me. You really reached out to me, and the cases we practiced were all relevant to the test, as well as the strategies you gave for approaching the SP's; they were all on point. It was really the practice with the right person that I needed. You helped me soo much, That really speaks volume about your character. You care about the success of your students more than anything else. You give so much of your time, teaching/explaining talent, energy and voice to make sure that your students succeed. That is what worked for me to finally pass the CS after trying several times before; I wish I had come to you earlier than I did. I never even learned how to organize the patient notes until I came to you, but I took one other review course last year! Doctor, you are so kind, patient and compassionate. You are so persistent in making sure your students get it right, so that if they can pass with you, then they can pass the actual test. This really explains why your CS program has a very high success rate, so please keep up the good work. May God Almighty continue to give you the strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, patience, love and compassion that you need to continue to train up multitudes of physicians to pass the USMLE Step 2 CS; may He continue to use you to heal the "CS blues".

Dr. A., Egypt

I am happy to inform you that I PASSED!!! I am very excited about starting my fellowship at Mayo!!! Thank you for your advice and support! Best Wishes,

Dr. S., Florida

Every student has their weaknesses and strengths for exams like CS, no course can change your personality in 4-5 days. The study material and test taking strategies are available all over the internet but no course or institution gives you the personal attention that you get with Dr. Stavros. He helped me to identify my weaknesses and gave me the tips to handle them. I practiced for three weeks after the course to reinforce all that information and passed the exam with high performance.

Dr. K., Texas

Believe it or not !! I passed my CS by just preparing for 2 weeks. On the very first day of my class I realized that my SEP and CIS components needed much improvement. My trainining was vigorous,I was taught the art of asking SP's the right questions, performing right physical examination,answering their most challenging questions,closing the case and typing patient notes.In the class,every student had the chance to practice at least 5-6 patient encounters daily.Dr Stavros was always available for answering my queries and discussing cases till the exam day. I had anticipated that CS preparation would take at least a month,but after the mock test I was way more confident and I took my exam in a week. on the test day,I was calm,strategic an at the same time empathetic towards my patients. During my prep classes I had practiced extensively, which helped me save 2-3 mins after each SP encounter((which is gold,extra time for notes !!)) Thanks a lot Dr Stavros.... You were a constant source of support,,,,,,

Dr. U., Illinois

As you know I was very happy with the class. The greatest benefit for me was understanding the nuances and structure of the encounters and grading. Even though I feel I had exceptional medical knowledge, that was a small part of the battle. All the medical knowledge in the world is useless for this test unless you know how their system works. I was very happy with the number of cases we practiced during the live sessions. Also, writing the note immediately following the encounter was exactly the same as the actual test. The test itself was very much like any day of the course. I would recommend this course to foreign doctors and American doctors alike.

Dr. J., Texas

First of all, I wanted to thank you for all your help and support during my stay in Chicago. Your are truly generous and kind Dr.Stavros and I am truly honored to have met you. Secondly, I wanted to inform you that I have passed my Step 2 CS exam. I am truly grateful for all your help and I am certain that I couldn't have passed this exam if it wasn't with the help of your guidance and assistance. Hoping to be able one day, to thank you in person for all help and support.

Dr. W., New York

Dr. Stavros cared as much about his students and their success as any teacher. His motivation was endless and sincere, tirelessly striving to increase our confidence and capacity to think on our feet. He did this in a humble way. He also had fun as he taught and it was a lot of fun being his student.

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