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Free Services

Patient Note Assessment:

Three patient notes will be allowed for submission and review. Direct access to our patient note portal. Receive a detailed assessment as well as a step-by-step dissection of the note. Feedback within 24 hours. Reviewed by one of our highly trained M.D's. Recommendations on how to strengthen each note so as to pass with high performance.

Diagnostic Examination

One 15-minute patient encounter followed immediately with patient note submission on our portal. You will receive an assessment from one of our highly trained M.D.'s highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in the three components (ICE, CIS and SEP). An assessment of your patient note, following the USMLE guidelines of supporting each differential with the appropriate positive and/or negative findings. The patient note is individually reviewed by an M.D. and not scanned in a computer. Total time 30 minutes.

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